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Marinade for pork










Linguica  Recipe


Sue’s Azorean Linguica

5-6 lb pork shoulder, course ground

1-1 ½ lb pork fat, course ground

1 ½-2 heads of garlic, minced or pressed

1T Cumin

1T Oregano

1T Black pepper

3T Salt

4-5T Smoked Paprika

2t Cayenne Pepper (more if you like it hot)

15 ft of hog casings

Mix pork, garlic and fat together in a large bowl or stock pot. In a separate bowl mixes spices together until well blended and add to meat, mix well. You can use your hands to blend in the spices or use a mixer with a beater blade. If you use a mixer split the meat and spices in half and mix separately. Refrigerate for 24-48 hours.

Stuff hog casings to about 1” diameter. Twist into 12” links. Smoke with hickory at 200 degrees for 1 ½-2 hrs until internal temp reaches 165 degrees. Cool and freeze what will not be eaten in a couple days.

Before eating cut links into 4 pieces and fry until browned on all sides.

Recipe by Sue Vanderveen





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