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Pasties De Nata

      Pasteis de Nata (Portuguese Custard Tarts)
500 g flour
300 g water
10 g salt
400 g margarine appropriate for pastries

Work the flour with water and salt, make a ball, cut it in the
shape of a cross until its middle, pull the 4 sides outwards (forming
a 4 point star), place the margarine in the centre and grab the
points upwards (mix the margarine); with a pastry roller extend
the mixture till up to 40x15 cm, fold 1W3 (simple fold) wait 10
minutes and fold again, fold 1x4 (book fold) wait 10 minutes. Extend
the mixture until it gets a thickness of + or - 4 mm, sprinkle with
water in all its extension. Roll it like a tort and with a diameter
of + or - 4 cm, cut it in round slices 1 cm thick and place them
in the containers, wait 10 minutes. Wet your thumb with water,
press the centre of the round slice and push the mixture to the
top of the container. The containers we mean are those of the same
size as custard tarts we buy in pastry shops.

Custard cream (difficult):

1/2 liter skim milk
70 g flour (no raising powder)
5 g cornflour (Maizena - cornstarch)
1/2 liter sugar syrup
5 egg yolks
1 egg
Vanilla (a bit)

To prepare the sugar syrup: 1 kg sugar, 1/2 liter boiling water.

Dissolve the flour and the corn flour in part of the milk, approx.
1 dl, boil the remaining of the milk, pour it over the four and
mix energetically so that it does not crumble. Add the sugar syrup
bit by bit, always stirring. Add the yolks and the egg.

Cook at approx. 350F for about 8 minutes, not more.

Custard cream (easier):

1/2 liter skim milk
275 g sugar
35 g flour (no raising powder)
salt (a bit)
margarine (a bit)
5 yolks
1 egg

Heat the milk together with the bit of margarine. In a dry container
mix the flour with the sugar and the salt. When the milk starts
boiling add the mixture, stirring energetically, take it out of
the heat and let it cool a bit, add the yolks and the egg; mix a
bit of vanilla or lemon.

Cook in oven at 290F-300F for 8 minutes. Not more or the filling
will come out of the pastries.

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                                            Gil Sequira, 2003 All Rights Reserved.