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Portuguese Bean Soup

This is a traditional Portuguese dish.

1 lean ham hock
4 potatoes, chopped
1 10 oz Portuguese sausage
1 minced onion
2 chopped celery
2 chopped carrots
1 minced clove garlic
2 cans of kidney beans
1 can of stewed tomatoes
1 bunch of watercress or 1 head of cabbage depending on season. You
could use both, if you so desire.

First you boil ham until meat comes off the bone, or until soft. Then
add the kidney beans, potatoes, Portuguese sausage, onion and carrots. Then
after 20 minutes, put in the rest of the ingredients. Then wait 10 minutes
then add a dash of red pepper then your done.

                   Recipe courtesy of the Agular Family
                                                   Thanks Chris Gil Sequira, 2003 All Rights Reserved.