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 Portuguese Soup

1 lb. chourico
1 shank bone {with meat}
1/2 pkg. split peas
1 head cabbage
1 bunch of kale
4 chicken bouillon cubes
4-5 potatoes

Put in pan split peas, shank bone, chourico & bullion cubes. Cook for about 1 hour. Make sure you put enough water to cover about 1/2 pan depending on the size you are using. When the peas are like a paste, take the meat out & put the cut up cabbage, and the kale also the potatoes cut up. Make sure you {rinse the cabbage & the kale before you put them in the pot} when the potatoes are done, add the meat back in the pot and cook for about 5 more minis is better the next day to eat, but you can eat it when it is done.


Recipe from nandsl
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