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Sausage Recipes

Out of a collection of recipes with linguica and chourico. Most of these recipes are handed down from generation to generation. As a mainstay of the Portuguese linguica and chourico is an ingredient of many recipes.

Both sausages are made mainly of pork and spices. Chourico is a bit hotter in flavor from pepper which is added .Linguica is mild in comparison. I live in the mid-west so getting linguica or chourico means ordering it from a supplier. This is very simple to do and costs no more then if you went to the grocery store to buy it. I will be searching my files for more recipes using sausage. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Emeril's recipes for Linguica and Chourico

Barcelos home-style sausages. They carry Linguica and Chourišo with  NO MSG, NO ADDED NITRATES or NITRITES, NO ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS,GLUTEN FREE and MINIMALLY PROCESSED. Click here to find the website.